A Journey through Space & Security

What a great conference GTUG turned out to be!            Apart from the 200+ delegates taking part we were treated to a mesmerizing presentation from the European Space Agency (ESA).  There’s something very engaging about mankind’s journey into space; and especially when the story is about landing on a comet. No-one has ever done that before, except Bruce Willis in some crazy movie.  Manfred Warhaut, ESA’s Head of Mission Operations recounted the 12 year mission of Rosetta to reach the comet 67P; its many revolutions around the sun to gain increasing speed and direction towards 67P, and then its road-runner style braking to almost walking speed so it could go into orbit around what they thought was going to be a potato-shaped comet. In the end it turned out to be more of a peanut. Not that this was disappointing in any way. The comet was chosen because it was pristine; it hadn’t been worn down by countless orbits of the sun; it represented life as it was at the very start of our solar system some 4.7billion years ago. The very triumph of the mission has to be the devices they planned for attaching the Philae lander vehicle to the surface of this peanut, where the gravity was so small they’d need all the help they could get.  A mixture of screws in its feet, a harpoon under its belly, and a thruster rocket were all designed to help it stick to the surface. In the end bizarrely none of these worked, but the more important fact was that they landed; they actually landed. Soil samples showed complex compounds that we find on earth; it shows where we came from.

Which in a strange way brings me philosophically to the fact that we the delegates at the conference had so much in common; apart from all being made of stardust, there was a lot of common interests in the topics of the moment on HP NonStop. The press is increasingly talking about the hacking of information, whether it’s a Facebook account or some other personal items of interest that those unsuspecting souls would rather stay private.  This is driving increasing interest in securing the increasing amounts of data that we store around the world, and how we can make it safe.

XYPRO was delighted to see so many delegates take an interest in our XYGATE Data Protection solution (XDP).  Presenting our joint solution, Andrew Price, XYPRO’s VP of Technology and Anna Russell of HP Security Voltage educated and entertained the audience with their stories and examples of how NonStop Users can secure their system data against the hackers. The facts themselves are astounding; almost 80,000 reported security incidents worldwide last year; estimated losses to businesses of some $400million; 700 million records compromised; over 2000 confirmed data breaches. Not that data breaches will end any time soon. Andrew pointed out that they will continue; we have to accept this and instead focus on making the data itself of little value to the hackers.

I was pleased to speak with a large number of conference delegates about their plans and issues for nonstop in 2015, and where data protection fits in this picture.

Fortunately XYGATE Data Protection is helping business today to avoid these painful and costly scenarios.  I think we are likely to keep seeing all the unfortunate stories in the press about data being stolen; the good news is that XYPRO can help.

For more information on XYGATE Data Protection and how we optimize the HP Security Voltage solution for NonStop servers, visit:  XYGATE Data Protection (XDP)

Craig Lawrance

Sales Executive

XYPRO Technology Corporation

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