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SunTUG 2015: Much Ado about Data

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Well, another very successful SunTUG meeting just finished and, while there were other important topics (e.g., modernization, integration, replication), the predominant area of discussion was data security. The focus on protecting sensitive data makes a lot of sense given that the SunTUG user community is composed of many sophisticated HP NonStop customers in industries like payments, financial services, and telecommunications.

Recently, HP made big news when it announced the acquisition of Voltage Security—the industry leader in Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST). SunTUG 2015 was the first HP NonStop user group meeting since that announcement and it was a great opportunity to highlight Voltage’s unique approach to data-centric security and Voltage’s partnership with XYPRO for the HP NonStop area.

Voltage and XYPRO coordinated their sessions to provide a two-part series on data protection for the enterprise and for the HP NonStop—these were the session titles with links to the presentations:

Part 1: Voltage Security: Data-centric Security for HP NonStop and Enterprise-wide Environments
Part 2: XYPRO: Optimizing Voltage Tokenization and Encryption for HP NonStop Environments

The 2-part series went very well—here’s a summary from those sessions of what differentiates the combined Voltage and XYPRO solution:

Voltage Security provides industry-leading tokenization and encryption
• Standards-based: all cryptography is standards based (AES) and
publicly validated
• Industry-proven: used by large payment processors, financial
institutions, retailers, and telcos
• Multi-platform support: HP NonStop, z/OS, Solaris, Windows,
Linux, Stratus, AIX, etc.
• Support for wide variety of data types: payments, other PII
(e.g., SSN, DoB)
• Stateless key management: no keys to store, manage or
• Flexible: full/partial encryption, masked, and tokenized data from
the same interface
• Runs natively on NonStop: tokenization and encryption happen
natively on NonStop

View the Voltage Presentation

XYPRO XDP optimizes Voltage for NonStop environments
• No application changes required on NonStop
• Support for nowaited/non-blocking encryption/tokenization
• Support for NonStop’s OS personalities and executable types
• Multiple language support: C, TAL and COBOL
• Distributed architecture provides fault-tolerance, parallelism
and scalability
• Built-in access control and auditing, as with all XYGATE products

View the XYPRO Presentation

More information about XYGATE Data Protection (XDP) is available on XYPRO’s website.

Finally, a couple short, heart-felt notes of appreciation: SunTUG 2015 was, as usual, a very well run affair with strong attendance—thank you SunTUG team and HP NonStop users! Also, thank you to the HP team for your presentations and involvement—your updates on the HP NonStop business and technology were exciting and provided a great start to an energetic conference.

Ken Scudder
Business Development and Strategic Alliances
XYPRO Technology Corporation