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The Shelf is for the Elf, Not Security

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Businesses are managing more data than ever—and spending more money, year after year, to protect that data. Yet spending money on security doesn’t equate to actually being secure.

A recent study by Osterman Research discussed how prevalent the “shelfware” problem is becoming. The report showed that businesses spent an average of $115 USD per user on security software, hardware and services in 2014, an increase of 44% from 2013, yet nearly 30% of that security investment was underutilized or never implemented.

Small businesses, those with less than 1,000 users, were impacted more, with an average spending of $157 per user, yet the same underutilization pandemic still exists.

“The numbers were pretty eye popping,” said Josh Shaul, Trustwave’s vice president of product management. “We expected some security software on the shelf. What we found was companies are pouring money down the drain, while the folks approving these purchases are getting a false sense of security.”

Considering the security landscape we currently live in, CEOs, CISOs and board members have taken notice. Cybersecurity is now just as important in the board room as the bottom line. The problem is now important enough to where non-technology business leaders put more emphasis on security. No one wants their company to be the next Sony or Anthem (from a data breach perspective). Budgets are being allocated and money is being spent on protections, but, as the Osterman Research study shows, a large part of that security investment is sitting around doing nothing—it’s unimplemented shelfware.

As you’re reading this, you’re probably looking over at your white board thinking “Yeah, we still have to implement that”. Trust me, you’re not alone.

So why are security solutions sitting around collecting dust?

The main reasons – IT departments are just too busy to properly implement what was purchased. Revenue generating tasks and keeping the engine running take precedence over something that may happen. This is followed closely by not having enough staff available and not understanding the purchased software well enough. According to the same report, the year 2014 finished with 49% of security positions left unfilled.

Interestingly enough, the least serious reason contributing to not getting security properly implemented was the IT staff not understanding the security problems they faced. On the contrary, IT understands the security problems and threats to the organization very well, they just lack the resources to implement the right solutions.

So how do you solve the problem?

Vendor professional service groups and security service providers can help ensure security technologies are properly installed, monitored and maintained throughout their lifecycle. The report surveyed that 79% of IT professionals believe leveraging managed services would reduce or eliminate the possibility that security goes unused in their organization.

XYPRO’s Professional Services Team is regularly brought in by Fortune 1000 companies to perform security assessments of HP NonStop server environments. Our XYPRO PS team ensures XYGATE security products such as Merged Audit and User Authentication, which have been shipped with the operating system as part of the NonStop security bundle on all new HP NonStop servers since late 2010, are properly configured and deployed to address your organizations specific needs. Whether those needs are auditing, compliance, monitoring, or help with your overall security initiative, XYPRO’s PRO Services Team can be an invaluable partner to protect your business and the investment you’ve made in security.

And that can help everyone sleep better at night. Unless you have one of those elves. They’re creepy.

Steve Tcherchian, CISSP
XYPRO Technology

HP’s Voltage acquisition great for XYGATE Data Protection (XDP)

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Here at XYPRO we’ve been very pleased at the news of HP acquiring Voltage Security.

XYPRO, as a long time partner of both Voltage and HP, sees the acquisition as a great fit. XYPRO already works with Voltage Security to optimize SecureData for the HP NonStop platform, and provides a range of capabilities to quickly and easily implement on HP NonStop. With XYGATE Data Protection (XDP) customers can take advantage of SecureData’s range of data protection options, including Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) with no changes to NonStop applications or their databases. XDP adds the following critical NonStop-specific capabilities:

- Support for both Native (code 800) and non-Native (code 100)
- Support for applications written in any HP NonStop-supported
- Nowaited/non-blocking encryption calls
- Built-in access control and auditing, as with all XYGATE products
- Intercept library for environments where the customer’s application
  cannot be changed
- Simple SDK for environments where full application control is
- Integration with a full range of Voltage SecureData APIs, allowing for
  all data types to be easily protected
- Support for all NonStop databases – Enscribe, SQL/MP and SQL/MX

The XDP solution fully supports Voltage’s approach to data centric security, allowing for data to be protected right across the enterprise, from the point of acquisition of the sensitive data, through the HP NonStop, and on to whatever other platforms and applications need that data.

For more information about XYGATE Data Protection click here.

XYPRO extends congratulations to both Voltage and HP. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with these two great companies.

Andrew Price
VP Technology
XYPRO Technology Corporation

XYPRO Welcomes an Already Exciting 2015!

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Lisa Partridge, CEO

2014 was an eventful year for XYPRO. It was a year of changes in leadership and infrastructure improvements driven by our belief that our customers’ requirements and experience are at the center of everything we do. The management buy-out announced at the end of April was a significant moment in XYPRO’s evolution and generated lots of energy and excitement on our team. As a pioneer in the HP NonStop server space since 1983, and as specialists in mission critical security since 1990, XYPRO is strongly positioned to continue to innovate and grow with HP, the industry and our customers.

We are particularly thrilled to be extending the security capabilities of the flagship XYGATE suite of security and encryption solutions to the new HP NonStop X platform. We partnered with HP to port and test the XYGATE software that is part of the NonStop Security Bundle shipped on the new platform, as well as the entire XYGATE suite. XYGATE is ready for generation NonStop X!

I’m also pleased to be able to report another year of record growth for XYPRO. Not only have we increased both XYGATE and partner product sales but we’ve also made great strides in our human resourcing, adding great new talent to the XYPRO team. We’ve welcomed people to XYPRO that bring new skills, enthusiasm and experience to our engineering, finance, services and sales organizations. Additionally, our intern program burst forth in 2014, with nearly a dozen young people contributing to our cultural innovation and operational improvements across all departments.

2014 was also a year where cyber-crime and data breaches were too frequently headline news. XYPRO implemented processes and incident management procedures that allowed us to be agile and respond rapidly to multiple public vulnerability announcements and the concerns and questions from our customers quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

One of our most important core values is “Care Enough”. Quality is the result when you care enough to make sure it’s right. This core value, implemented company-wide is a cornerstone of the XYPRO culture. Another one of our tenets is striving for “Operational Excellence”. As XYPRO continues to grow and support more customers than we ever have before, we are making sure to focus on the fundamental building blocks of process and procedure, continually fine-tuning them to improve the quality and predictability of our releases. The new team members have specific experience in this area and the metrics we gather during and following a release are analyzed for areas of improvement. The significance of these processes get communicated regularly to the entire company, reinforcing everyone’s role in operational excellence and acknowledgment of everyone’s contribution to the end result.

XYPRO is committed to continuing to strive for excellence in everything we do, to always maintain open communication channels, and to keep our customers’ experience our central focus. When you make the effort to ensure you’ve done all you can to answer that question, fulfill that request, meet that deadline, or discover the solution – we all win.

At XYPRO, one of our top priorities for 2015, is bringing Data-Centric Security to the HP NonStop community. XYGATE Data Protection (XDP), in partnership with Voltage Security, provides enterprise-wide, Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) and Key Management. No keys to manage, store or distribute.

Also, as we move into high gear for 2015, I’d like to point you to the summary of a very informative blog series published over the course of last year: XYPRO’s Top 10 HP NonStop Security Fundamentals: Protecting mission-critical systems has many aspects and can seem overwhelming at times; XYPRO’s Top 10 security blog outlines the most important security considerations for the HP NonStop to ensure that those systems have strong security, in addition to high-availability and fault-tolerance.

Finally, we recognize you run your most important business applications and processes on the HP NonStop server and keeping it safe from data loss, tampering or even inadvertent harm is mission critical. We appreciate the trust our customers place in XYPRO solutions and services to help them protect those systems. We’re looking forward to 2015, and another successful year serving the HP NonStop community.