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The new HP NonStop – I want an X box for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

The new HP NonStop – I want an X box for Christmas!

There’s been a lot of buzz, starting with NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) last year, then through 2014, culminating with the HP Discover event currently being held in Barcelona, about the new x86-based NonStop server line.  At the NonStop TBC last month we heard that the new line of servers would be called “HP Integrity NonStop X”, and just today we’ve seen confirmation from HP that these machines should be available in March of 2015.  Exciting times indeed!

The introduction of the NonStop X range removes the last vestiges of proprietary NonStop hardware from the architecture, while maintaining the NonStop fundamentals (availability, scalability, fault tolerance) that we’ve come to expect from the platform.  NonStop X will support Infiniband, which replaces ServerNet as the platform’s interconnect fabric.  This move should see the platform’s costs continue to decrease, while taking advantage of the greatly increased throughput that Infiniband provides.

At HP Discover this week, Randy Meyer, Vice President and General Manager of Integrity Servers, expanded on this thought – “With NonStop X, moving the interconnect to InfiniBand is a huge deal, because of the fact that it’s all standard,” says Meyer. “NonStop runs on completely off-the-shelf hardware; there’s no proprietary hardware in there.  And it means you can connect other kinds of applications, running on Linux or Windows, more seamlessly in a NonStop environment… Now you can have your NonStop infrastructure handling payments, reservations, trading, whatever it may be, and surround it with maybe a mobile phone handling system, or a fraud management system, and have this huge flexibility.”

Here at XYPRO, we’re enthusiastically adopting this new platform. We’ve been involved in beta testing our products with HP, and we will have “X certified” versions of our software available both through HP, and to our customers directly, when the new platform becomes available in March.

If you have any questions about XYPRO products and NonStop X, please contact your sales or support representative.

Andrew Price
VP Technology