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XYPRO’s Flexible Worldwide Training Services Go Mobile

Monday, June 24th, 2013

XYPRO completed two training deliveries in May. The first was a regularly scheduled class at XYPRO’s facilities in Simi Valley, California attended by students from the USA, Singapore, Argentina, and Uruguay who were interested in the full suite of XYPRO’s security solutions for the HP NonStop. The second was an on-demand class in Stockholm, Sweden attended by students from Sweden and Denmark who use XYPRO’s Access PRO and Audit Pro security software on HP NonStop servers. This training was provided at the customer’s facilities using XYPRO’s servers in Simi Valley, California. The advantages of delivering training this way include significant cost savings for the customer and zero impact on the customer’s NonStop servers!

In 2012, XYPRO was asked to provide training at a customer site in Prague, Czech Republic. The customer had very strict access restrictions that disallowed the installation of XYPRO’s NonStop server-based and client-based applications for training purposes. XYPRO’s IT team overcame this obstacle by creating a virtual environment that allowed secure remote access to XYPRO’s training environments in Simi Valley. This delivery method proved so effective that we decided to offer it to all customers as an alternative to attending training at XYPRO’s training facilities. Customers receive the same expert training, but without the additional lost travel time, inconvenience, and expense.

If your enterprise is looking for NonStop security training, from NonStop security basics all the way to NonStop system hardening and penetration testing, XYPRO delivers. Whether at our office or yours, using your systems or ours, XYPRO can help with all of your NonStop security training needs. We understand that travel is expensive and that time is precious. Let us come to you and get you up to speed quickly, efficiently, and effectively. XYPRO security education offerings are not limited to just XYGATE. We also offer NonStop Security Fundamentals Training, Operator Training, Securing the NonStop in the Enterprise Training, and custom courses.

Check the XYPRO education web page at for the next scheduled class. For an on-demand class, contact your local XYPRO Sales representative at

Dave Teal
Professional Service Specialist
XYPRO Technology Corporation