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Raymond James Selects a Clear Standout for its Mission Critical Security Needs

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Raymond James is a diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries engaged in investment and financial planning, in addition to investment banking and asset management. As with any company that stores private, sensitive data, they required industry-leading security and audit solutions that would seamlessly integrate with their HP NonStop environment. “We had multiple challenges from multiple sources,” said John Anderson, Manager of the NonStop Engineering department at Raymond James.  “We wanted to enhance our overall security control on the NonStop, continue to meet specific privacy requirements from our internal and external auditors, and increase logging of user activity: All of these had to fall within our standard enterprise security model.”

After reviewing several security-related products, XYGATE emerged as the stand-out solution that could address Raymond James’ comprehensive security and audit needs.

A Clear Standout

Raymond James turned to XYGATE Merged Audit to fulfill its requirements to increase its logging, monitoring and reporting of activity on the HP NonStop. In addition to being an industry leader with an excellent reputation and outstanding customer support, Raymond James selected XYGATE for its comprehensive security features and ease of use. The company also favored the solution’s simple integration.

Moreover, in Raymond James’ specific HP NonStop environment, the ability to send in SYSLOG format to its security data collection device is critical. “Each of the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions are fully supported by XYGATE Merged Audit with its ability to send all audit in SYSLOG format,” said Anderson. “We were able to confidently move forward with the XYGATE Merged Audit product knowing whatever choice we made for the SIEM, XYGATE Merged Audit would integrate with it.”

Benefits Across the Board

“Rule Based Security with the XYGATE Object Security has saved us an enormous amount of time and effort. A straightforward requirement from our auditors was going to require the implementation of hundreds, and maybe thousands, of complex Safeguard ACLs to meet this requirement,” said Anderson. “With XYGATE, we met the same requirement with a single rule. XYGATE Object Security makes it easier to design, implement, and maintain security for our NonStop servers.”

Anderson also notes that the overall security enhancement project using XYGATE has provided further management of the security environment on the NonStop. “The added control and oversight provided by XYGATE allows for requirements to be met and has afforded us peace-of-mind not previously enjoyed.”

Looking Ahead

As with any change and especially the implementation of added security measures and controls, Raymond James is still learning XYGATE’s countless features and functionalities. “After meeting our initial requirements, we continue to find that new needs are also easily met with XYGATE,” said Anderson

Moving forward, the company is reviewing additional XYGATE solutions. For their administrative needs, Raymond James is looking at the sophisticated capabilities of Safeguard Manager and for its compliance and integrity checking requirements; they are looking at Compliance Pro.

About Raymond James

Founded in 1962 and a public company since 1983, Raymond James is a diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries engaged primarily in investment and financial planning, in addition to investment banking and asset management. Its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (RJF).

Through its three broker/dealer subsidiaries, Raymond James Financial has more than 5,300 financial advisors serving 1.9 million accounts in 2,300 locations throughout the United States, Canada and overseas. In addition, total client assets are approximately $262 billion, of which approximately $33 billion are managed by the firm’s asset management subsidiaries.

Raymond James has been recognized nationally for its community support and corporate philanthropy. The company has been ranked as one of the best in the country in customer service, as a great place to work and as a national leader in support of the arts.

XYPRO Announces HP CI-Ready Certification

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

XYPRO is pleased to announce its recent HP CI-Ready verification.  XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) and XYGATE Compliance PRO have been validated in the HP Converged Infrastructure environment.

What Is HP CI?
The HP Converged Infrastructure helps businesses overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl to shift more resources to innovation and strategic initiatives – creating the ideal foundation for an instant-on enterprise. This is achieved through an architectural blueprint that eliminates silos and integrates technologies (e.g. servers, storage and network) into shared pools of interoperable resources – all managed through a common management platform and all based on standards and customer choice.

The result is a data center of the future, today, that delivers a whole new level of simplicity, integration, and automation whereby the IT environment is synergistically aligned to the needs of the business: Faster time to revenue; lower costs of acquisition and implementation; more quickly and flexibly respond to business changes; and, lower risks. And as your business grows, a Converged Infrastructure will accelerate your move to an Instant-On Enterprise. This type of organization shortens the time needed to provision infrastructure for new and existing enterprise services to drive competitive and service advantage.

What is Merged Audit & Compliance PRO?
XYPRO’s Merged Audit and Event Monitoring module (XMA) collects data from multiple sources of Audit and intelligently merges them together to form a single NonStop SQL audit database. XMA will also deliver all collected audit data vis SYSLOG to remote logging devices or SIEMs.
XYGATE Compliance PRO enables you to easily research the state of security on your HP NonStop server, report on the information found, build policies that monitor the state of the security rules in your environment, compare your existing security against Best Practice and custom Policy recommendations, and verify the integrity of your system objects.

Learn more about HP CI by visiting

To learn more about XYGATE Merged Audit and Compliance PRO, visit

Lisa Partridge
XYPRO Technologies