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Product Spotlight: Safeguard PRO

Friday, August 27th, 2010

SAFECOM is the original user interface to Safeguard, the native HP NonStop™ server security program. Both were developed at a time when highly trained HP NonStop technical staff managed HP NonStop security exclusively. However, today’s security requirements are not only more complex and scrutinized, but security is often managed by an information security department whose staff rarely consists of single-platform experts. Instead they are information security specialists with responsibilities across many different computer platforms.

Why Safeguard PRO?
Safeguard PRO brings together all the capabilities of the XYGATE Safeguard enhancement modules to offer you a single source for achieving your Safeguard-related security requirements. A friendly and intuitive user interface adds to the ease of use and allows the Security Administrator, whose responsibilities can span several computer platforms, to take care of the HP NonStop platform with ease.

What Do I Get with Safeguard Pro?

The XYGATE Safeguard PRO package consists of 5 integrated modules, each addressing specific Safeguard security requirements. Every aspect of Safeguard Administration, Audit, Authorization, and Authentication (including interfacing to LDAP) is enhanced and made efficient with XYGATE Safeguard PRO.

XYPRO’s Safeguard PRO is an enhanced Safeguard manage¬ment, configuration and reporting package that extends the capabilities of Safeguard with unrivaled user authentication, password quality and object security power.

How Do I Learn More about Safeguard PRO?
Click here to learn more. You can download free product information and view a product demo.

Donkey Rodeo SIG, London.

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

At the start of the recent BITUG (British Isles Tandem User Group) DR SIG in London, NTI’s Dave Ross asked the attendees to think about what the letters D.R. stood for, with prizes for the most creative suggestions. More on the results of that at the end.

As you’d expect from a DR SIG, the day was focused on Disaster Recovery or Data Replication as is becoming more commonly used, because of the multi-purpose uses for modern DR set-ups. The list of attendees was a little longer than usual, which I’m thinking is down to two possible reasons. The first could be that DR is a fairly hot topic and people want to keep up to speed. The second might have been NTI’s exclusive booking of a London Eye (huge Ferris wheel on the Thames) capsule for a post SIG hurrah. Either way, it was great to see a good turn-out.

By the end of the day, it was time for the D.R. Suggestions to be aired. Around ten made the final cut with Digital Renaissance being one, Demand Ransom was possibly another, but Deny Responsibility was deemed the winner! I can’t remember if the prize was a crisp £20 note or a Tandem T-Shirt, as there were a few mini competitions during the day. Either way, everyone went home happy, especially those with extra cash/clothing and those who got an invite to the post SIG London Eye trip.

The next BITUG SIG covers Migration and Solutions, 13th October.

Dan Lewis
XYPRO, Europe

XYPRO TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION joins PCI Security Standards Council as newest Participating Organization

Friday, August 6th, 2010

XYPRO to participate in key standards setting body protecting payment cardholder data


Simi Valley, CA/USA, August 6, 2010 —XYPRO Technology Corporation, a leading provider of data security software and services for HP NonStop Server environments, announced today that it has joined the PCI Security Standards Council as a new participating organization.  As a Participating Organization, XYPRO will work with the Council to evolve the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) and other payment card data protection standards.

The PCI DSS, endorsed by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc., requires merchants and service providers that store, process or transmit customer payment card data to adhere to information security controls and processes that ensure data integrity.  More information on the council and the standard can be found at

As a Participating Organization, XYPRO will now have access to the latest payment card security standards from the Council, be able to provide feedback on the standards and become part of a growing community that now includes more than 500 organizations.  In an era of increasingly sophisticated attacks on systems, adhering to the PCI DSS represents an entity’s best protection against data criminals. By joining as a Participating Organization, XYPRO is adding its voice to the process.”

“The PCI Security Standards Council is committed to helping everyone involved in the payment chain protect consumer payment data,” said Bob Russo, General Manager of the PCI Security Standards Council. “By participating in the standards setting process, XYPRO demonstrates they are playing an active part in this important end goal.”

“XYPRO is dedicated to helping businesses achieve unified security and compliance within their HP NonStop server environments,” said Sheila Johnson, CEO at XYPRO. “We are extremely excited to participate in the PCI Security Standards Council, as it further demonstrates our mission and commitment to closing the security gap.”

About PCI Security Standards Council

The mission of the PCI Security Standards Council is to enhance payment account security by driving education and awareness of PCI security standards. For more information, please visit

XYPRO Technology offers more than 27 years of knowledge, experience and success in providing HP NonStop information systems tools and services.  Businesses that manage and transport business-critical data turn to XYPRO for a variety of solutions. XYPRO helps businesses to better manage security risks, protect assets and gain a competitive edge through compliance while improving efficiency.

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