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Product Spotlight: Safeguard PRO

Friday, August 27th, 2010

SAFECOM is the original user interface to Safeguard, the native HP NonStop™ server security program. Both were developed at a time when highly trained HP NonStop technical staff managed HP NonStop security exclusively. However, today’s security requirements are not only more complex and scrutinized, but security is often managed by an information security department whose staff rarely consists of single-platform experts. Instead they are information security specialists with responsibilities across many different computer platforms.

Why Safeguard PRO?
Safeguard PRO brings together all the capabilities of the XYGATE Safeguard enhancement modules to offer you a single source for achieving your Safeguard-related security requirements. A friendly and intuitive user interface adds to the ease of use and allows the Security Administrator, whose responsibilities can span several computer platforms, to take care of the HP NonStop platform with ease.

What Do I Get with Safeguard Pro?

The XYGATE Safeguard PRO package consists of 5 integrated modules, each addressing specific Safeguard security requirements. Every aspect of Safeguard Administration, Audit, Authorization, and Authentication (including interfacing to LDAP) is enhanced and made efficient with XYGATE Safeguard PRO.

XYPRO’s Safeguard PRO is an enhanced Safeguard manage¬ment, configuration and reporting package that extends the capabilities of Safeguard with unrivaled user authentication, password quality and object security power.

How Do I Learn More about Safeguard PRO?
Click here to learn more. You can download free product information and view a product demo.

Product Spotlight:SQLXPress

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

SQLXPress Can Help You Manage Your HP NonStop SQL Databases

In November, 2009, we announced our strategic partnership with Merlon. Since that time, we have really enjoyed educating our customers about the beneficial tools Merlon offers.

In today’s blog, we’d like to highlight a tool that provides comprehensive support for managing large, complex database environments.  The solution, SQLXPress,  is an essential companion product for SQL/MX and SQL/MP.

Simplify with SQLXPress

SQLXPress  supports all standard DDL operations, and offers several advanced features that are not available with the command line interface, such as compare data definition language (DDL), two-way object relationship browsing, multi-object commands and partition key data analysis.

SQLXPress offers benefits database administrators, software developers, quality assurance analysts and technical support staff. With SQLXPress, users can benefit from the following:

•         Simplified Database Administration

•         Improved Application Performance

•         Increased Productivity

•         Easy-to-use Modern Graphical User Interface

•         Simplified Data Browsing

•         Easy Statistics Management

To learn more about this sophisticated database management tool click here .

Or look for our upcoming webcasts that feature all of our database and security tools.

Product Spotlight: Encryption PRO

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Don’t Let this Be You!
As you’ve probably already heard, a hacker was able to break into the database of RockYou, which provides applications and services for social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This hacker obtained 32 million clear-text passwords! For whatever reason, the passwords of RockYou’s customers were not encrypted and were an easy target. RockYou is now encrypting all passwords and reviewing their current data security features to ensure that they meet industry standards and best practices. Of course, they’re undoubtedly wishing they would have taken this approach 32 million passwords sooner.

Protect Passwords with Encryption PRO
XYGATE Encryption PRO provides encryption for just about any type of communications between computer systems. These components enable you to encrypt interactive sessions, transaction sessions, file transfer sessions and databases or fields. Using software-based mechanisms, XYGATE provides encryption for not only HP NonStop servers and PC workstations, but also Unix, IBM OS390 and Z/OS, and many more….

XYGATE Encryption is the ideal solution set for protecting data in transit. A variety of components provide privacy for many types of sessions:

• Between your HP NonStop servers,
• Between HP NonStop servers and your PC workstations
• Many other platforms.

Protecting the privacy of data at rest is achieved via encrypting files and databases. XYGATE makes it practical to encrypt files for online storage, entire databases, or just selected fields that contain sensitive information. Learn more at

Software that Addresses Your Auditing Concerns

Friday, January 29th, 2010
How happy would you be to be able to solve NonStop PCI Requirements 7, 7.1, 7.2, 8, 8.1, 8.2, 8.5, 8.5.6, 8.5.8, 8.5.15, 8.5.16, 10, 12.3.8, and 12.3.9,with a single package from XYPRO?
XYGATE Access PRO software was designed with the fundamental HP NonStop security requirements in mind and addresses those issues most likely to concern an experienced security analyst or auditor as well as being required by compliance regulations.

Why Access PRO?
XYGATE Access PRO provides you with the following:
  • Individual accountability, restricting each user to authorized actions based on that user’s job function, all without the use of any shared user ids.
  • Auditing as detailed as you need it to be (down to the keystroke)
  • Logon to logoff session controls and load-balancing
  • A convenient single spooler and peruse utility with advanced security and archiving functions.
Passing your audits will become a routine experience. Users will have the access and privileges they need to do their jobs, increasing resources available to focus on other areas that also affect profitability.

Detailed benefits of XYGATE Access PRO and the entire suite of XYGATE Security and Access Control software are highlighted in the free solutions papers available on our website: “PCI Compliance”, “SOX Compliance ” and “HIPAA Compliance “. Visit

Powerful software for managing disk resources on HP NonStop servers

Friday, January 15th, 2010

In November 2009, XYPRO announced its strategic partnership with Merlon Software Corporation of Toronto, Canada.  This partnership has already proven successful and we are very happy to be aligned with a company that provides the NonStop community such effective products.

XYPRO represents Merlon’s database management software solutions on a global scale, and today we would like to highlight their disk management solution, Discover.   Discover provides a safe and efficient mechanism for monitoring disk resource usage on HP NonStop servers.  It replaces manual methods of tracking disk and file growth, reduces the risk of human error, and frees up operations and support staff for other tasks.

Why Discover?
Most applications depend on the availability of sufficient disk space in order to function correctly. If a disk volume becomes short of free space, an application may not be able to allocate the disk space required in order to continue running.

In addition, individual disk files may only grow to a pre-configured size. If an application continually adds new data to a file it will eventually encounter a “no space” error condition – even if there is free space available on the disk.

Either of these situations can cause part, or all, of an application to become unavailable. Discover enables you to avoid these conditions by taking corrective actions before they occur.

Discover continuously monitors disk and file usage, and predicts potential disk full and file full conditions before they occur. You can configure Discover to automatically invoke corrective actions, or to alert an operator that manual intervention is required.

Discover’s key features include the following:
•    Prevention of application outages due to disk or file full conditions
•    Continuous monitoring of disk utilization
•    “SpaceMaker” technology for improved disk space allocation
•    File attribute monitoring
•    Automatic reload of key sequenced files
•    User disk space quotas
•    Corrective measures initiated automatically
•    Comprehensive reporting
•    Worksheets
•    Discover Utilities
•    The Recycle Bin
•    Backup and Archive Support
In addition, Discover is work-flow oriented.  It organizes “action items” which are required in order to ensure the availability of your data. You can learn more about Discover and all of Merlon’s products by clicking here.

-Lisa Partridge